Special apparatus according to Schlenk technique

Many chemical reactions must take place under exclusion of environmental influences, since the starting materials and (intermediate) products react sensitively to atmospheric oxygen or humidity. In the laboratory, the Schlenk technique developed by the German chemist Wilhelm Schlenk (1879 to 1943) is often used for this purpose. The technique is based on the use of glassware with ground joints which, in addition to the conventional ground joint, have a further connection with a stopcock and olive. Via this connection, the so-called Schlenk flasks or Schlenk tubes can be vented by applying a vacuum and filled with an inert gas.

In everyday laboratory work, the Schlenk vessels are generally connected via tubing to a glass apparatus (Schlenk line, nitrogen distribution rake, vacuum inert gas line), which vents them or fills them with inert gas depending on the position of a special tap. Usually, the apparatuses have several of these taps, so it is possible to work with several vessels at the same time.

Schlenk apparatuses at a glance

Schlenk apparatuses at a glance

Typically, Schlenk apparatuses for use in the laboratory are put together very individually so that they are optimally suited to the respective application. Accordingly, we prepare offers in this regard based on customer specifications. Our portfolio in the field of Schlenk technology includes:

  • Schlenk apparatuses,
  • Schlenk lines,
  • Schlenk flasks (nitrogen round bottom flasks) and
  • Schlenk tubes (nitrogen templates).

You can define all the grindings and the material according to your requirements and needs. Regarding the valves you have the choice from:

  • NS glass tap,
  • NS cock with PTFE plug,
  • PRODURAN high vacuum spindle valve and
  • YOUNG high vacuum spindle valve.

Accessories for the Schlenk technique

Schlenk flask (nitrogen round bottom flask)

Standard Schlenk flasks are pear-shaped with a ground joint and a side arm with valve. In this type of Schlenk vessel, the space between the bottom of the flask and the gas inlet is relatively narrow, so that the protective gas cushion over the substance to be protected is not very large. To reliably prevent the ingress of air, a slight inert gas flow should always be present when working on the open vessel.

Schlenk tube (nitrogen templates)

In contrast to the conventional Schlenk flask, Schlenk tubes are significantly higher and only rounded at the bottom. The elongated design makes it possible to superimpose a high protective gas column on substances that are sensitive to air or water at the bottom. As a result, the inert gas atmosphere is maintained even when the flask is open. In addition, even the smallest amounts of substances can be brought to reaction in a sensible manner.

Schlenk frit

A Schlenk frit consists of a glass tube with ground joints on both sides, stopcocks on both sides and a fused-in filter. It is used to separate air- or moisture-sensitive suspensions into solids and liquids. For this purpose, it is placed in the inert gas countercurrent on the flask containing the mixture of substances to be separated. The other end is then closed with another flask. If the assembly is now rotated by 180 degrees, the liquid components pass through the filters, while the solids remain in it.

Customized special design

We manufacture Schlenk apparatuses almost exclusively according to individual customer specifications.

You already know exactly what you need? Then send us a drawing, a PDF sketch or a description via our inquiry form and we will send you a corresponding offer.

Would you prefer a personal consultation? In this case, simply contact the person of your choice directly and make an appointment. We would also be happy to come to you to get a more detailed picture of your requirements and needs.

FAQs related to the Schlenk technique

Which shielding gases can be use?

Suitable inert gases are nitrogen and argon. The former is less expensive, but reacts with some highly sensitive reagents.


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