Glass reactors for individual applications

Reactors are systems that serve to optimize and reproduce chemical reaction, mixing, homogenization and dispersion processes. The single- or multi-walled vessels can be individually adapted to a wide variety of tasks. Reactor systems for pilot plants and production facilities are generally made of stainless steel. For laboratory-scale work, on the other hand, reactors made of borosilicate glass are used.

Laboratory reactors are similar in design to a chemical reactor for production purposes, but with a volume of up to twenty liters they are significantly smaller. Schmizo glass reactors are available in single-walled or double-walled versions, as well as three-jacket systems with an additional vacuum jacket.

All reactor vessels manufactured by us stand for the best Swiss quality and guarantee the highest process performance in the laboratory and in the pilot plant.

Our glass reactors

Glass reactors from Schmizo – The special features.

As the starting material for our reactors, glass offers several advantages. It is odorless and tasteless, vacuum-stable and impresses with its universal corrosion resistance.

Its smooth, non-porous surface reduces deposits and incrustations and facilitates cleaning. At the same time, its transparency allows visual inspection of the processes taking place in the reactor.

Glass reactors are completely neutral to their contents. Glass neither absorbs nor releases any substances to its environment. As a result, reactions remain unaffected by the material.

In addition, glass reactors can be used again and again. If one does break, the glass is 100 percent recyclable.

Versatile use in the technical center and kilo laboratory

In all areas of application, Schmizo glass reactors ensure maximum reliability and operational safety. The most important areas of application include:

  • chemical synthesis,
  • API synthesis,
  • peptide synthesis,
  • purification / crystallization,
  • extraction / evaporation,
  • separation,
  • cryogenic reactions,
  • process development and
  • scale-up.

To meet the wide range of requirements, each Schmizo reactor is manufactured specifically according to the customer’s order.

To be able to guarantee an above-average quality standard, we exclusively use Schott quality glass tubes.

Our glass reactor types at a glance

Simple reactors

Single-walled glass reactors enable all kinds of biochemical reactions and synthesis reactions at constant temperatures under both atmospheric pressure and vacuum conditions. Their simple design facilitates handling.

Double Jacket Reactors

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The double-walled glass reactor offers better insulation than the single-walled variant and also allows the reaction temperature to be controlled. For this purpose, the space between the two glass layers is connected to a heating or cooling circuit.

The double-walled reactor is more resistant, but less easy to handle than the single-walled reactor type.

Three-jacket reactors

Three-layer glass reactors have an additional vacuum jacket. The vacuum layer provides excellent insulation, which is particularly helpful for cooled reactions because it prevents fogging of the reactor surface. Three-shell reactors are significantly more resistant than single-shell and double-shell reactors, but they are also more complicated to use.

Column pipes

With our column pipes, you can choose between a single-wall and a double-wall version. The latter has two temperature control connections (DN 15 flat flange) for connection to a refrigeration or heating circuit.

Double wall mug

Schmizo double-wall cups stand particularly securely thanks to their flat base. They can be quickly and easily connected to a refrigeration or heating circuit via their temperature control connections.

The right glass reactor for every application

With us, you have the option of tailoring your glass reactor exactly to your needs and requirements. On the one hand, it depends on the types of solvents, chemicals and solids and the viscosities you are dealing with. On the other hand, the vacuum and pressure resistance requirements also play a role. The following parameters can be adjusted individually:


We manufacture glass reactors for you in sizes from 100 to 20,000 milliliters.


You have the choice of:

  • Round bottom, cylindrical shape,
  • Round bottom, extended shape,
  • flat bottom, cylindrical shape,
  • flat bottom, extended shape and
  • Round bottom flask vessel.


Our portfolio includes single reactors, double jacketed reactors as well as three-layer reactors with vacuum jackets.

Flange diameter

To allow integration of the glass reactor into your existing equipment, we have several standard flange diameters on offer. Choose from:

  • DN 60,
  • DN 100,
  • DN 120,
  • DN 150 or
  • DN 200.

More options for customization

Reactor covers: Depending on your needs, you can determine the number, size, angles and positioning of the openings.

Temperature: Tell us what minimum and maximum temperatures the glass reactor must withstand, and we will adjust it accordingly.

Pressure resistance: Schmizo glass reactors can withstand an overpressure of up to 0.5 bar. Also customizable are the connections for heating or cooling units and vacuum resistance.

If you need a bottom drain valve, you can choose from the following parameters:

  • Outlet: 10, 16 or 20 millimeters,
  • Valve plunger made of PTFE (standard), on request also with sealing rings made of Kalrez or Viton,
  • Optionally with integrated PT100 probe,
  • Optionally with pneumatic opening mechanism.

Customized special design

Schmizo glass reactors are always produced according to individual customer specifications. Please contact us for a customized offer.


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