Stainless steel stirrers for laboratory and process engineering

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, acid and temperature and is characterized by a long service life. At the same time, the material scores with ease of care and good hygienic properties. Its particularly smooth surface is easy to clean and does not provide a foothold or breeding ground for microorganisms.

It is not without reason that stainless steel is the preferred material in medical facilities, the food industry and the catering trade. Stainless steel can also show its advantages in the laboratory, for example in the form of stirrers.

On the one hand, the robust material is not very susceptible to deposits, and on the other, it can be treated with aggressive cleaning agents such as hydrogen peroxide without being damaged. Whether for homogenizing, suspending, dispersing, emulsifying or heat transfer: Stainless steel stirrers fulfill their purpose reliably and durably.

Our stainless steel stirrers

Product details of our stainless steel stirrer

The choice of the right stirrer is of decisive importance for the stirring result. Depending on the viscosity of the mixing material and the stirring task, some stirring elements are more suitable than others. Stainless steel stirrers from Schmizo offer perfect problem solutions for a wide variety of applications in professional laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies.

Anchor stirrer made of stainless steel

Anchor stirrers placed close to the wall generate a predominantly tangential flow and thus promote heat transfer. They ensure uniform mixing of medium- to high-viscosity liquids and prevent larger deposits on the vessel wall.

Stainless steel pretzel stirrer

Our pretzel stirrers generate a tangential shear flow and ensure a good heat exchange between medium viscosity media. We manufacture both variants for you in the following sizes:

  • Width: 60 to 190 mm,
  • Height: 60 to 190 mm,
  • Length: 800 to 1200 mm,
  • Ø rod: 10 mm.

We will be glad to create other shapes and dimensions for you upon request.

Coatings with HALAR

Steel stirrers with HALAR. This designation stands for the thermoplastic high-performance material ECTFE (ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene). This was developed for applications requiring particularly high chemical resistance. HALAR-coated agitators are resistant to most solvents, acids and bases and also feature the following properties:

  • temperature resistant up to 150 °C,
  • high abrasion resistance,
  • good non-stick function,
  • very good electrical properties,
  • very good radiation resistance,
  • best mechanical stability,
  • excellent flame retardancy.

Alternative stirrers

In addition to stainless steel anchor and pretzel stirrers, Schmizo manufactures a wide variety of glass stirrers, such as:

In addition, we carry PTFE-covered stainless steel shafts with agitator units made of solid PTFE.

Customized special design

You need a stainless steel stirrer in a special design. With Schmizo, special designs are also possible. Simply upload a drawing or a PDF sketch via our inquiry form or describe how the stirrer should look. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

FAQs about stainless steel stirrer

What kind of stainless steel is it?

We use stainless steel with the material number 1.4404, colloquially also known as V4A, for the stirrers. This offers exceptional resistance to various aggressive media and extreme temperatures.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel over glass?

The greatest advantage of stainless steel is its resistance to fracture. The disadvantage is its significantly higher thermal conductivity. Glass stirrers only become hot where heat is applied: at the stirrer and at the stirring guide. Otherwise, the glass stirrer shaft remains cold. With stainless steel, the heat spreads over the entire stirrer, which can make handling difficult.


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