Laboratory reactors in customized designs

Laboratory reactors are systems for improving and reproducing chemical reaction, dispersion, homogenization and mixing processes on a laboratory scale. Thanks to their flexible design, they can be individually configured and thus optimally adapted to the respective field of application. Schmizo laboratory reactors are made of high-quality borosilicate glass.

Our laboratory reactors

They are available in single and double-walled versions as well as with an additional vacuum jacket and can be equipped with a bottom drain valve if required. In the pilot plant or kilo laboratory, our reactors are used in the following applications, for example:

  • chemical synthesis,
  • peptide synthesis,
  • API synthesis,
  • cryogenic reactions,
  • separation,
  • purification / crystallization,
  • extraction / evaporation,
  • process development and
  • scale-up.

What exactly are laboratory reactors?

A laboratory reactor is a scaled-down stirred tank reactor. It offers the same basic functions as a chemical reactor used for production purposes, but is mainly used in laboratories in the field of research and development.

Modern laboratory reactor systems are usually partially or fully automated to allow continuous monitoring and thus unattended overnight operation. They are usually installed in a fume hood to prevent the accumulation of explosive gas mixtures in the room air and to protect laboratory personnel from any toxic substances that may be released.

In contrast to production systems, glass reactors are preferred in the laboratory. The borosilicate glass used for this purpose is characterized by a low coefficient of thermal expansion and is therefore insensitive to sudden temperature fluctuations. Glass is also extremely resistant to acids, alkalis and high temperatures. At the same time, it offers a clear view of the processes taking place in the reactor at all times.

At Schmizo, the devices are available in the following versions:


  • Round bottom, cylindrical shape,
  • Round bottom, extended shape,
  • flat bottom, cylindrical shape,
  • flat bottom, extended shape and
  • Round bottom flask vessel.


Volumes range from 100 to 20,000 milliliters.

Lid opening

For the lid openings, you can choose from the following sizes:

  • DN 60,
  • DN 100,
  • DN 120,
  • DN 150 or
  • DN 200.

Bottom drain valve (optional)

You need a bottom drain valve? You can configure this using the following parameters:

  • Outlet: 10, 16 or 20 millimeters,
  • valve plunger made of PTFE (standard), optionally with sealing rings made of Kalrez or Viton,
  • optionally with integrated PT100 probe,
  • on request with pneumatic opening mechanism.

Individual reactor systems on request

For applications under special conditions such as high temperature, low temperature or high pressure, the glass reactor for the laboratory must always be specifically designed. We meet these different requirements by individual production according to your wishes and specifications.

Frequently asked questions on the subject of laboratory reactors

What are the different types of laboratory reactors?

The most important reactor types for the laboratory include stirred, mini- and high-pressure reactors. Schmizo reactors are available as single-walled, double-walled or triple-walled reaction vessels in various designs.

What should be considered when selecting a glass reactor for the laboratory?

It is important to match the wall thickness of the reactor vessel to the expected operating pressure. However, you should not oversize, as thicker walls could make temperature control more difficult.

What are the basic functions of a laboratory reactor?

Like their large counterparts, laboratory reactors can:

  • temper,
  • stir,
  • inertize,
  • evacuate,
  • distilling and
  • dosing.

What accessories are available for the Schmizo laboratory reactor?

Our range of accessories extends from thermometers and temperature probes to pH and redox electrodes, coolers, dropping funnels and ground joint plugs. In addition, you will find stable table racks, special holders and floor racks.


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