Temperature Probe Pt-100, Glass

Pt-100 Probe according to DIN EN 60751, Class A

Tube Ø 8 mm made of borosilicate glass.
Head with screw cap SVL 15 (black) or GL 18 (red).
Integrated Lemo® socket.
Probe and tube are exchangeable.
Measuring range from -200°C to +400°C

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SKUProbe TypeStock LengthHeadAdd to Cart
40.430.101 x Pt-100 2-wire240 mmSVL 15
40.430.151 x Pt-100 2-wire330 mmSVL 15
40.430.201 x Pt-100 2-wire430 mmSVL 15
40.430.221 x Pt-100 2-wire600 mmSVL 15
40.430.451 x Pt-100 4-wire150 mmGL 18
40.430.501 x Pt-100 4-wire240 mmGL 18
40.430.551 x Pt-100 4-wire330 mmGL 18
40.430.601 x Pt-100 4-wire430 mmGL 18
40.430.621 x Pt-100 4-wire600 mmGL 18
40.430.652 x Pt-100 2-wire150 mmGL 18
40.430.702 x Pt-100 2-wire240 mmGL 18
40.430.752 x Pt-100 2-wire330 mmGL 18
40.430.802 x Pt-100 2-wire430 mmGL 18
40.430.822 x Pt-100 2-wire600 mmGL 18
40.430.051 x Pt-100 2-wire150 mmSVL 15


We would be happy to discuss with you the development of customer-specific functions for the product “Temperature Probe Pt-100, Glass”, to meet your specific process requirements. Thanks to our technical knowledge and skills in manufacturing scientific glass devices, we can implement almost any requirement and ensure that the customized reactor features are both reliable and user-friendly.


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