Stainless Steel Adapters for Flat Flanges DN15 and DN25, with PEEK connecting screw

Stainless Steel Adapters for Flat Flanges DN 15 and DN 25 with PEEK connecting screw and O-Ring FEP/silicone

The new version with PEEK screw no longer needs a safety spring. The sealing is still done by an O-ring. The metal part is identical to the version with the stainless steel screw. Another advantage: the PEEK screw can remain on the reactor in case the adapter has to be separated from the reactor.


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SKUTypeThreadShapeSealAdd to Cart
17.981.98PDN 15Olive 10mmstraightO-Ring
17.981.94PDN 15Olive 12mmstraightO-Ring
17.981.97PDN 15M 16x1straightO-Ring
17.980.98PDN 15M 16x190°O-Ring
17.980.94PDN 15M 24x1.5straightO-Ring
17.980.97PDN 15M 24x1.590°O-Ring
17.980.95PDN 25M 16x190°O-Ring
17.980.96PDN 25M 24x1.5straightO-Ring
17.981.96PDN 25M 24x1.590°O-Ring


We would be happy to discuss with you the development of customer-specific functions for the product “Stainless Steel Adapters for Flat Flanges DN15 and DN25, with PEEK connecting screw”, to meet your specific process requirements. Thanks to our technical knowledge and skills in manufacturing scientific glass devices, we can implement almost any requirement and ensure that the customized reactor features are both reliable and user-friendly.


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