Customized filter systems with Nutsche filter

The Nutsche filter is a larger version of the Büchner funnel. It enables the separation of suspensions into their solid and liquid components by diffusion through a porous surface.

Often referred to as filter chutes or Nutsche filters, the apparatus is equipped with a filter plate that ensures reliable filtration of the mixture by means of a pressure difference between the upper and lower chambers.

This difference is created either by an overpressure acting from above and/or a negative pressure applied from below. Filtration systems with Nutsche filters allow solid-liquid suspensions to be fed, filtered, washed and drained in a single unit.

As a specialist in technical glass, Schmizo AG has many years of experience and extensive know-how in the craft of technical glassblowing. This makes us your expert partner for the manufacture of high-quality nutsche filters and other laboratory equipment made of borosilicate glass.

Our filter systems

Schmizo Nutsche filter – these are the special features

Schmizo Nutsche filters are high-quality devices in which filtration takes place in a glass filter vessel or glass filter reactor under vacuum. The suspension solution is sucked through the Nutsche with the help of a vacuum, whereby the solid content remains in the filter insert. A filter cake is formed, which can be easily removed from above by simply opening the cover plate.

Our portfolio includes two systems of Nutsche filters:

Replaceable filter elements & pads

In this variant, a column tube forms the upper part of the filter and a glass part with a bottom valve and outlet forms the lower part. The filter element is clamped between these elements with the help of a clamping lock. Thanks to the glass body, you have a clear view of the filtration process.

The following two types of filter elements are available for selection:

  • Filter holder made of PTFE with sealed glass filter plate
  • Filter support made of PTFE for paper or membrane filter

If necessary, you can easily and quickly replace the filter element.


We are also glad to manufacture all reaction vessels for you with a permanently installed glass filter. This applies to single vessels as well as to double jacket vessels and triple jacket reactors. All standard porosities according to ISO 4793-80 are available, so you have the choice:

  • Por. 00: 250 – 500 µm
  • Por. 0: 160 – 250 µm
  • Por. 1: 100 – 160 µm
  • Por. 2: 40 – 100 µm
  • Por. 3: 16 – 40 µm
  • Por. 4: 10 – 16 µm
  • Por. 5: 1 – 1,6 µm

Typical fields of application for Nutsche filters

Our Nutsche filters are preferably used in laboratories in the chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They are also used in food production, paint manufacturing and wastewater treatment.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nutsche filters

One of the main advantages of the Nutsche filter is the significantly higher speed compared to simple gravity flow of the liquid. In addition, the ability to perform filtration in a closed system prevents cake contamination. A glass slide filter also offers the advantage that it is suitable for filtering corrosive media.

Frequently asked questions related to Nutsche filters

How large should the Nutsche filter be?

The filter should be sized to handle the volume of solids introduced. At the same time, the liquid feed should be matched to the size of the vessel and the respective flow rate. Otherwise, the supplied suspension could overflow and be drawn into the vacuum device.

What filter media is available for Nutsche filters?

Typical applications include filter papers or nonwovens, woven fabrics, single-layer metal screens, multilayer sintered metals, or glass filter plates. Which of these is most suitable depends on the properties of the slurry, in particular particle size, cake porosity and compressibility.

Customized production

Nutsche filters from Schmizo are always manufactured according to individual customer specifications. We will be happy to provide you with an offer according to your wishes and needs. Simply get in touch with us for this purpose.


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